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How high can YOU bounce?

Get hooked on the most challenging laugh-out-loud animal game you'll ever play.

Help Oinky bounce his pals all the way off the farm to exotic lands like the Pig Apple and Hamsterdam. Oinky Boinky’s spilt second, arcade action bouncing is so addictive and fun, you might not realize how hard it is until you’ve spent all day inflating pigs, trying to bounce hedgehogs and penguins!

Are you a Porkfessional or just a Piginner? If you’re really good, you might witness the glory of the Hogosseum. But almost no one makes it to The Great Wall of Dragon...

  • Get your bounce on with challenging arcade action that anyone can play but few will master.
  • Compete with your friends to see who can bounce the highest.
  • Perfect your bouncing skills with over 30 zany animals including: Harvey Koalatel, Beavra Stewart, Doc Penguin, Boris the Loris and Muay Tiger!
  • Nerve-racking anticipation combined with ridiculous cuteness will send you home crying to Momma just when you thought you were going to set a new personal best.
  • Travel to outrageous locations around the world like Canamoose, Mount Icemore, Chicken Itza and Castle Moosealot
  • Collect coins to get more characters and buy homes. You might even encounter a friendly dragon to help you!
  • Test your reflexes on iPhone, iPad and the new Apple TV. Featuring one-touch mobile controls and specially designed controls for the new Apple TV.

Want more stuff about Oinky Boinky? There's screenshots, art, videos, logos and photos on the Media Files Page. Of course, you can also contact us.

CAUTION: Professional stunt animals on closed sets. Do not attempt. Play Oinky Boinky at own risk. May cause extreme funstration. Maximum height competition between friends has been shown to increase gloating. Check with your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to play Oinky Boinky. Do not exceed 4 hours of bouncing at a time unless you really need to beat your significant other's maximum height.

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